Wheel repair

Wheels & Rim Repairs in Miami, Florida.

Having problem with your chipped rim(s) or looking for someone to fix your damaged rim(s)? Then you are at the right place.

Welcome Aboard. Our rim and wheel repair service is one stop solution for all your wheel issues. With our best-in-miami service, we ensure that our rim repair service will not only save you a lot of money by avoiding a complete rim replacement, but we also offer 24 our turn around time on most jobs. No matter what size, material or color your rim is or what type of damage is to be repaired, we are happy to serve you better. We expertise in dealing with damages such as:

  • Chipped Rims
  • Scratched Rims
  • Color Damage
  • Curb Damage
  • Minor dings
  • Major Dents, Etc

At Wheels Doctor, our state of the art equipment can carry out almost any type of wheel/rim repairs, whether the wheels are old or high-end, we guarantee the best results.

How do we do it?

We start with inspecting your wheel(s). This whole inspection is done by a team of experienced and certified wheel technicians. They carefully examine the wheels for cracks, nature and extent of damage and whether the wheel will be safe enough for use or not, after repairs. If your wheel is in safe repair limits, we proceed with the necessary repair work. The next time you see your old wheel it’s never old again. It’s Brand New!

Our Promise

We always strive to present our wheel repair service convenient for our customers. At Wheels Doctor we use only the best quality materials available in the market and cater you with guaranteed result with a feeling of complete satisfaction.

With a competitive price bracket for all our services and fast turnaround time, you save a handsome amount of money with the right wheel and rim services. Looking forward to serve you!

We also offer sandblasting & powder coating for your wheels, boat, car parts, furniture or anything you are looking to refurbish or renew.

If you’re ready for great value on same-day refinishing, welding, straightening and much more, contact us for a quote. Regardless of how damaged or worn your rims look, our rims repair services will get you back on the road with perfect rim refinishing and restoration.

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  • Many years of experience

  • Curb Rash

  • Refurbish

  • Scratches / Gouges

  • Full Wheel Color Changes

  • Repainting / Paint Touchup

  • 100% Licensed, Bonded, Insured

  • 100% Full Guarantee

  • All Car Brands are Serviced here