Powder Coating

Powder Coating By Wheels Doctor

Wheels Doctor’s state of the art powder coating assembly line and equipments efficiently handles all the powder coating work. Right from the start till the finish line your wheels are handled and processed with utmost care and precision at our facility.

The specialists at Wheels Doctor ensure that your desired look is delivered on time without compromising on the quality. Our team has successfully powder coated every type of wheel out there and we guarantee that your wheels are in safe hands. There is a reason why Customers trust Wheels Doctor!

Although we specialize in wheels, at wheels doctor we always hit the bullseye powder coating any car parts, jeeps, boat accessories, furniture or commercial & residential jobs.

The powder coating process we follow is stronger than paint and is independent of chemicals and solvents unlike that in paint. The process starts with electrically charging the color, then finely grounded pigments and resins are baked, melted and fused to attain a smooth finish. The result is a beautiful uniform coating that looks identical to paint but acts like armor. Your newly worked Powder coated rims will turn heads and outlast other coloration processes.

We are experts in:

  • Wheels
  • Rims
  • furniture
  • marine parts
  • Valve Covers
  • Springs
  • Callipers, Etc

Our powder coating service usually takes 24-48 Hours. We also perform our on sandblasting for your parts. The removal of oil, grease, dirt, metal oxidation and liquid paints is done before initializing the coating process. There are also various chemical and mechanical methods of stripping a wheel. The metal make up of a wheel / rim determines the most effective method for prepping the part. Prepping the object to be powder coated is essential for a long lasting durable finish.

There are Various Advantages of using Powder coating over others which are:

  • It emit near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • It can produce much thicker coatings than liquid coatings.
  • Powder coating overspray can be recycled.
  • A wide range of specialty effects and colors are easily accomplished.
  • It is extremely tough and durable.

Powder coating is a coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The main difference between conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form.

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